certification and surveillance



For conducting certification activities of management system, EVROCERT is organized in a manner that provides confidence to interested parties in issued certificates.

Certification is performed by employed auditors and part-time auditors, with whom EVROCERT has signed contracts.

Audit team performs evaluation of organization management system and make conclusions, and the director of EVROCERT, ie the Commission for decision making about certification, makes the final decision on certification. In this way, it is provided that the persons who makes decision on certification or recertification are not the same one who performed the audit.


  • Competent auditors for QMS
  • Competent auditors for EMS
  • Competent auditors for OHSAS
  • Competent auditors for FSMS (SRPS ISO 22000:2007 and for HACCP)

The largest number of auditors for a specific management system is trained and qualified in accordance with harmonized scheme of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ).

A significant number of auditors of EVROCERT are also the auditors of Quality Austria.

Auditors have many years of experience in evaluating management systems.

Auditors satisfy recommendations of competence defined in the standard SRPS ISO 19011:2011 in terms of education, work experience and training.

They regularly attend trainings organized by EVROCERT, as well as specialist and other internal and external trainings, in order to increase knowledge and skills to perform tasks confide by EVROCERT.