certification and surveillance


Policy of resolving complaints and appeals

Each user of services of management system certification has the right to complaint in case that the process of verification of conformity is not carried out in accordance with the standard requirements that apply to this area.

All interested parties has the right of complaint.

For effective resolving of complaints and appeals EVROCERT holds:

  • information about where, when and how they can complain and appeal publicly available,
  • client informed immediately on receipt of complaints and appeals that the resolving is in progress and in which time to expect a response,
  • process of resolving complaints and appeals objective,
  • process of resolving complaints and appeals free for applicants,
  • details of the complainant as confidential,
  • rules, methods, best practices available in the country and the world in resolving complaints and appeals,
  • complainants informed of all the measures taken.

Appeals and complaints can be submitted to EVROCERT to:

address Balkanska 11/2a, 11000 Belgrade

e-mail:  office@evrocert.rs

phone: 011/36-28-188, 36 28 189 i fax: 011/36 28 190